This project aims to present a map of citizens organizations in Europe involving for better conditions for mobility and public transport. This is a very inclusive map : all modes of transport (bus, train, feet. etc:), all countries of Europe, all aspects (frequencies, safety, accessibility, etc.), all kinds of organizations (associations, federations, informal committees), as long as they are effectively involving and compatible with our Manifesto. The goal is to visualize on a single map the density of people that chosed to involve for better mobility, and give better visibility to their current efforts. The map displays :

  • Name, contact and website
  • On-going actions, when info is available

=> See the map : Where they are & what they do !

  • France, Fnaut

Screenshot from 2013-10-03 16:44:02

  • Italy, Assoutenti, Co.Mo.Do and Rete Nuova Mobilità

Screenshot from 2013-10-03 16:44:02

  • Other countries to come (Summer 2014)