The goal of this specific project is to set the basis for a strong identity for our organisation, that reflects its values, goals, activities. Though reputation mainly depends from a day-to-day effort in the longer term, a set of clear communication tools is an essential basis.

The first identity for our organization has been the name « Citizens' Mobility », that indicates a mobility which really belongs to the citizens, adapted to our needs, and not imposed by organizations that have other goals. However this name was too long. The new name is « We Move », which means the same thing.

An essential part of this project is to have a quality website, efficient and nice, where to gather all relevant information, and that support our work.

See also : Blog : Introducing "We Move"

  • Phase 1 : name, visual identity : done 20 April 2014
  • Phase 2 : website development : under development, planned during May 2014
  • Phase 3 : graphical accessories, all templates for written work : done 4 May 2014