Personal participation is essential to make a change on how mobility is managed.

This chapter will show existing solutions and campaigns easily accessible for the single citizen that would like to make something of any impact for a better mobility.

Participation is not easy, nor straightforward, overall when you don't have a preparation that helps you. It requires will, effort, know-how. It produces tiredness, delusion, and only sometimes, success.

We believe however that, with a due support, citizens participation is successful. Appropriate information, human support, and a positive cultural framework can make participation more frequent, produce more results, and get a real impact in the shorter term on the daily experience.

Reports on running initiatives will also be gathered here.

Rosa Parks : when a common action produces a great change

A little story that everyone of us has experienced :

Everyday you take the bus to go to work,

or the train, or a crowded subway, or you ride your bike through traffic-jams,

And everyday you think that these services are really poor, too many people in the bus, little protection from weather at the bus stop, dirt, aggressive advertising on the walls, too expensive travels, often your train is late, sometimes they cancel it without prior notice,

You feel unsafe in the metro stations, specially when coming back from work late in the evening, or you are a cyclist afraid of these cars driving too close to you, or you have a difficulty to move, and you regret there are stairs everywhere on your way,

And all this has an impact on your personal and family life,

You regret that commuting is not a better experience. You hope someday politicians will provide you a better situation, but you don't really expect it to happen. And you think you can't change anything to that... you feel like a Mr or Mrs Nobody confronting big rail companies, highways, lost amongst thousands of persons rushing through the city every day,

Well, the good news is that you can do something ! Your experience has been the same for many others, that tried to react and got some success. We have been in the same situation, and we want to show you how we did.

What we will develop with Citizens and Mobility, will be to show concretely how to build successful action, and provide the support that allows a single person to really make a change.