Introducing Samuel, our new intern

What is We Move, this new organization ? why are they involving ? Who is involving in Europe on the issue of passengers rights ? And why should I involve there as an European citizen and as a IT student? These were questions I’ve asked myself when I got the occasion to start an internship for this organization.

I'm learning these days a few things about public transport, but another important thing: these three worlds – IT, mobility and citizen rights are intertwined together.


My name is Samuel Jouan, I'm 21 years old, and I'm a student in my second year at Exia, IT engineer school of Orléans, France. For passion and for studies, I'm used to work with data, websites, a few programming languages. My goal here for this Autumn 2014 internship is to have an overview about how works an organization, and to give a help in IT issues, as the website or specific projects.

My interest in We Move came from their ability to involve for citizen rights. I'm also a European citizen, I travel accross Europe in many different ways. That's why I felt involved by the issue of public transport, and I choose a civic organisation that cares about transport users.

I see We Move goal simply as this: making travels easier for everyone, because transport systems have been planned and controlled by the users.

I'd like Citizen's Mobility to truly produce advantage for users, and I hope I will be useful in this. I’ve come to the organization at an important time, after 1-2 years activity, still at beginning, but when it starts to have an impact on uses' lifes.

Since I use all kind of public transports in Brussels and Orléans and between these two cities, I noticed some bad facts, as the cost of transport tickets increasing every year, or that too many people still can't use public transport, because the service is poorly planned or not adapted to most common disabilities. Of course, now we move easier, faster and in a better way, but many progresses remain to be done for accessibility of public service.

Although I use daily public transport, I didn't imagine before that there were people, like those here at We Move and their partners, that involve for user's rights. I think it's indeed a good thing that, as users of public transport, we get organized and develop our rights.

I take awareness of all the work that still remains to be done. For what concerns the IT guy that I am, I like that We Move wants to use open data for the users, because it should be our right to access data, and I like that they want people to know their rights, and also fight for gender respect and many other similar issues. 



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