«Citizens Mobility» becomes «We Move»

After one year of work, we reached the need to build a more professional interface. This included a new website, a new brand, and a new name.

Instead of a free Wordpress.com template website, we use now our own Content Management System, based on Joomla, hosted on our own server, that we can fully customized. It's now ok, even if some aspects still need technical configuration.

We have now a visual identity - this logo with the '> >' that inspire action and mobility. It includes a 'payoff', that says shortly what we want to get : « better transport through citizens participation ».

« Citizens Mobility » was too long to pronounce. Our name becomes « We Move » : exactly the same meaning (We > Citizens, Mobility > Move), but shorter and more impacting.

We are proud to use the new « .center » internet domain name : this corresponds indeed to our intention to place the European citizen at the center of the decision-making processes.

Our registered organization remains however Citizens Mobility asbl, a non-for-profit NGO, set at Brussels Court Registry under number 547 603 305.

For the moment, we keep active both email domains This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and info@wemove.center.

We hope you enjoy the ride. Please feel free to send us any comment.  

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