Citizens Mobility aims to contribute to support a stronger coordination of mobility users in Europe. It starts from the constatation we made in our Manifesto : citizens should have more influence in the decision-making processes that shape mobility, and become actors of this context, not only passive customers. Particularly, they should participate in the process of planning mobility, as well as in controlling how mobility services are being implemented. We intend to provide professional expertise so as to reach that aim. Our website gathers :

Citizens Mobility is a non-for profit registered association in Belgium (asbl).

The team :

Raphael Calvelli has worked for over 10 years as a civil servant for local and regional governments and public transport operators, in roads and mobility issues. Parallelly, he is also involved as a user that wants to improve quality of the services he uses. He has been a participant of the 2013 Leading Change Program at the Harvard Kennedy School on civic organizing.


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Claudio Saponara works for the European Commission, where he organizes communication and events. He is a long-distance traveler, as well as an intra-European frequent commuter, for personal and professional reasons, from Brussels to Paris, Barcelone and his native Italy.

Contact :

Email : calvelli at

Phone : +32 2 318 37 67 or +32 488 46 44 37.